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Jenny Hettick

An experienced Freelance Web Developer with a Bachelors in Web Development who is passionate about creating responsive and accessible websites with high search engine optimization.

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About Me

Jenny Hettick is a freelance web developer, with experience making responsive and accessible websites for companies in many different industries. Her background in Accessibility, Search Engine Optimization and Graphic Design informs her calculated and competitive approach. Jenny is driven by an obsession for pushing websites higher on search results and a desire to make the web as accessible as possible for everyone, regardless of what visual, hearing, or mobility impairments a user might have. Building on her degrees in web development and graphic design, she stays up to date with the latest web development trends and advancements through continued education and professional work.

Jenny's passion for search engine optimization and responsiveness has contributed to her most recent success at EverEmber Creative. There, she led the development of the core website for the Creative Agency that continues to support popular internet live-streamers from all around the world. Meanwhile, she continues to do additional work to the website on the back end to further increase the company's efficiency and quality of work. Jenny is currently working as a freelance web developer and is always looking for new projects. Send an email to jenny.hettick@gmail.com to get started!


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  • Jenny.Hettick@gmail.com
  • San Diego, CA
  • (858) 603 - 6926

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